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This is one of my favourite summer drinks. Learn how to make this classic Canadian cocktail.

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  • Rose Petal Biscuits Rose Petal Biscuits by lorianangelique The Queen OF All Flowers Inspired Me. I Love Roses, Their Taste Is Very Unique' Just Like Their Fragrance. So I Blended In Rose Petals To Create Delicate Breakfast Biscuit, To Be Enjoyed By Lovers Foremost~ Breakfast In Bed)
  • Chocolate glazed doughnuts Chocolate glazed doughnuts by sweetneha You can’t buy happiness but you can buy doughnuts and that’s kind of the same thing’ I just love this quote I read somewhere and every time I take a bite of these chocolaty doughnuts it makes these lines sound so true. last time I had an exceptionally wow doughnuts was in Dubai but now when I can’t go there all the time I thought of trying them out at my home so they could be available to me anytime I want to grab one. )
  • Breakfast Protien Bars Breakfast Protien Bars by geoffrey.p.gordon Found and modified this recipe, as a cheaper and more healthier alternative to store bought protein bars. )
  • Southern Tomato Gravy Southern Tomato Gravy by lorianangelique A Rich Gravy Of Tomato Essence' That Is Enjoyed For Breakfast With Hot Buttermilk Biscuits My Grand Mother Mrs. Lola Lee Walker Mercier' Was My Inspiration~ As A Child Being Awakened By Smell Of Her Wonderful Biscuits And Gravy~ But It Seems To Awaken Just As Was Resting So Very Well Such Hot Humid Summer Night's Of Louisiana~ But Always Was So Cool In The Mornings~ What Better Way To Be Awakened~ )
  • Strawberry Muffins Strawberry Muffins by april 1. Preheat oven to 375. Oil muffin tin or use paper liners. 2. In small bowl combine oil, milk...)
  • Greek Quesadilla Greek Quesadilla by m.livingston This is a delicious combination of the Greek spanakopita and the Mexican quesadilla dishes. It is a fairly healthy snack choice, can be shared between 2-3 people as an appetizer, or great as an individual breakfast or lunch.)
  • Raspberry Muffins Raspberry Muffins by tonihaig American-style, fluffy and delicious baked muffins)
  • Banana & Pecan Muffins Banana & Pecan Muffins by tonihaig A winning combination, quick and easy to make)
  • PB Banana Overnight Oats PB Banana Overnight Oats by kelsiehile
  • FODMAP Blueberry Overnight Oats FODMAP Blueberry Overnight Oats by kelsiehile
  • Chia Seed Pudding Chia Seed Pudding by victoria Mix chia seeds, almond (or any other) milk, and honey together in a bowl or glass mason jar. Let it...)
  • Breakfast Ideas by chris
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