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A easy and relatively quick appetizer. It's basically bocconcini salad on a stick!
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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies by cmonster Soft and gooey on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. This recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies is one of my favourites! Added 4 years ago
  • Goat Cheese Roasemary & Fig Thumbprints Goat Cheese Roasemary & Fig Thumbprints by augustina.zaccardi I wanted to make a cookie using cream cheese but did not have any in my fridge. As luck would have it I did have goat cheese. So I built my recipe around the goat cheese incorporating flavors that... Added 4 years ago
  • Tropical PinaColada Macadamia Cookie Bar Tropical PinaColada Macadamia Cookie Bar by airlander Discovered the recipe but then tweeked it my own by adding some Real Hawaiian Flair! Added 4 years ago
  • White Chocolate Dolce deLeche Shortbread White Chocolate Dolce deLeche Shortbread by marisa.raponi.9 This cookie has my favourite ingredients, white chocolate, almonds and caramel..need I say more? It is easy and looks so elegant. Kid friendly yet sophisticated enough for Holidays and tea time. My... Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies by stephanie.eddy.14 My flavor inspiration was Turtles chocolates and I wanted to make a chewy on the outside, fudgy on the inside chocolate cookie studded with toffee and pecan pieces. Added 4 years ago
  • Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Candy Cane Sugar Cookie by vinomichelle The cookie recipe was my Italian Grandma Rose's recipe. I changed it up this season and added crushed candy canes and a peppermint cream cheese frosting. Tastes great and a fun cookie to make with... Added 4 years ago
  • Cheesecake Snow Ball Cheesecake Snow Ball by hidemi.walsh White chocolate cheesecake flavored cookie. Quick, easy and delicious! Added 4 years ago
  • Chai Latte Cookie Chai Latte Cookie by hidemi.walsh As the name, chai latte flavored cookie! Chai tea leaves, white chocolate and olive oil as a substitute for butter which brings out rich flavor. Added 4 years ago
  • Gooey chocolate chip oatmeal cookie Gooey chocolate chip oatmeal cookie by samantha.maple.31 My grandmother always baked goodies for me and she recently passed away from Alzheimer's , so this is my first Christmas without her so I thought I'd carry on the tradition and bake some goodies for... Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Clouds Cookies Chocolate Clouds Cookies by lynnettejmoore I was reading through SARABETH’S Bakery Cookbook and came to a screeching halt! Well, I really just flipped the cookbook to this recipe, the cookie looked so yummy and I really wanted to start baking... Added 4 years ago
  • Oreo Cookie Ball Santa Hats Oreo Cookie Ball Santa Hats by melissakloosterman These adorable Santa Hat Oreo Cookie Balls are sure to get you in the Christmas spirit! I made these cookies for our annual Christmas Cookie exchange. They were a huge hit! Added 4 years ago
  • Peppermint Kiss Cookies Peppermint Kiss Cookies by I've always loved the chocolate peppermint combination and when I found the Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses I knew I had to make something delicious using them. I decided to incorporate them into a... Added 4 years ago
  • Sour Cream Cookies Sour Cream Cookies by kris.kuhens My mom and I have been baking these cookies as long as I can remember. The recipe is in an old church cookbook that is slowly loosing it's binding... I do wish there was a way to get it put back... Added 4 years ago
  • German Sour Cream Twists German Sour Cream Twists by nicky.omohundro My grandmother used to make these cookies all the time. I loved visiting her and scoring some of her yummy cookies. These are a delicious cookie that are a family favorite. Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Peanut Buttler Spirals Chocolate Peanut Buttler Spirals by starstruckluck86 For both layers separately, cream butter and sugar together, add eggs and vanilla and mix well. Mix all dry ingredients together and add to wet ingredients. Mix together well and form into ball. ... Added 4 years ago