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  • Drunken Watermelon Drunken Watermelon by chris What happens when you mix a bottle of vodka and a watermelon? Drunken Watermelon! This is relatively easy to make and will have you walking funny after only a few slices. Added 4 years ago
  • Fish Fry (Bengali style) Fish Fry (Bengali style) by sanchita.malick This recipe comes from streets of kolkata (west bengal) east side of India where you got this every where in streets. In every summer i use to go to my granny's home in kolkata ny uncle take me to... Added 3 years ago
  • Reindeer POPS Reindeer POPS by imberlyannes23 I've seen many variations of these cookie pops on different blogs and websites. I had to give them a try during this holiday season. I love making desserts that make the kids smile! Added 4 years ago
  • Caesar Caesar by chris This is one of my favourite summer drinks. Learn how to make this classic Canadian cocktail. Added a year ago
  • White Chocolate Dolce deLeche Shortbread White Chocolate Dolce deLeche Shortbread by marisa.raponi.9 This cookie has my favourite ingredients, white chocolate, almonds and caramel..need I say more? It is easy and looks so elegant. Kid friendly yet sophisticated enough for Holidays and tea time. My... Added 4 years ago