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Nothing is more playful and healthier than mixing fresh veggie colors. In this recipe I wanted to make a happy and healthy meal, that is a perfect lunch or a dinner idea. Also I wanted to make it simple, by using basic salt and pepper flavor, that brings up a fresh taste of vegetables. Fully cooked chicken mixed with half cooked vegetables, keeps most of nutritional values in our plates.
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Health Conscious
Preparation Time 5 minutes
Allergens None
Cuisine American

Turbo Shandy

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Now gaining momentum as the re-branded and heavily marketed Smirnoff "Rocket" the original name for this drink is a "Turbo" or "Turbo Shandy".


  • Lager Beer
  • Lemon flavored alcopop (Smirnoff Ice, Mikes Hard Lemonade)


Mix lager and lemonade to taste (2/3 lager and 1/3 lemonade is a good place to start)


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