My grandmother always baked goodies for me and she recently passed away from Alzheimer's , so this is my first Christmas without her so I thought I'd carry on the tradition and bake some goodies for my kids and family!
Health Conscious
Preparation Time 8 minutes
Allergens Lactose
Cuisine International

Simple but Yummy Whipped Potatoes

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This is a comfort food in our house.


  • 2 potatoes for each person- peeled and cubed
  • milk
  • margarine
  • salt


Put potatoes in to salted water and bring to a boil, reduce to medium heat to help not overflow the water.
Boil potatoes until a fork can easily pierce the potatoes - about 10 mins
Drain water from potatoes.
With a hand mixer, whip potatoes, add 1/2 tsp margarine for every two potatoes, and whip. Add about 2 tbsp milk and 1 tsp salt, and whip.(you may want to add a bit more milk but be careful as the potatoes will become very runny if you use to much)
You are ready to serve. We like to add some margarine on top to create a bit of a puddle. Will post a picture of our potatoes once made.


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