I wanted to make a cookie using cream cheese but did not have any in my fridge. As luck would have it I did have goat cheese. So I built my recipe around the goat cheese incorporating flavors that would enhance it's flavor like rosemary and figs, which are some of my favorite ingredients.


I was not born perfect, but I spent a long time in my life worrying about perfectionism. I was born with a spinal disorder which caused me to not be able to grow as tall as I could of been genetically. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (my strength is deep focus; my weakness is letting go, acceptance to change, and if you hurt my feelings I easily take it personally which could last for a very long time.) I love God which allows me to love and care for others more. I want to Follow Christ, I want to serve you with good food and true teaching if you give me a chance. I love animals and whisper well to dogs and wolves. 5'6 brown hair blue/green eyes born on December ,1989


Bowmanville , Ontario , Canada


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