I wanted to make a cookie using cream cheese but did not have any in my fridge. As luck would have it I did have goat cheese. So I built my recipe around the goat cheese incorporating flavors that would enhance it's flavor like rosemary and figs, which are some of my favorite ingredients.


Hello! I am a female, cooking is my life! My dream has always been to be a famous cook, I have a dog, 3 fish, 2 frogs, and 3 hermit crabs which I all love, I live in a small old home with 3 of my family members, I watch Nerdy Nummies, How to cook that, and a lot more! If I can't become a cook and own my own resturant, I was aiming to become a lawyer. I am all with nature and natural foods, I play Woozworld and animal jam. Please follow me on facebook? (Link down below) and I'll be making a youtube channel for cooking as well, I already have a youtube with 41 subscribers, but that's a little based off the subject. Anyways, I'd love to meet you, so please send me a message on any of my social media which is featured down below. Thank you so much! XOXO -Amber




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