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Grilled chicken, roasted red peppers, zucchini and goat cheese wrapped in a ciabatta baguette? Yep. Just did, and it's awesome!

International Recipes

  • Cream of Butternut Squash and Apple Soup Cream of Butternut Squash and Apple Soup by giuliana.gregg In a large saucepot over medium heat, melt butter.When butter is foamy, add the onion and saut√© stirring occasionally, until tender and translucent (approx. 4 to 6 minutes). Add the squash and... Added 4 years ago
  • Jager Bomb Jager Bomb by chris 1. Fill a shot glass with Jagermeister. 2. Pour half a can of Red Bull into a highball (tall) glass. Drop shot into glass and drink! Added 4 years ago
  • El Hefe Burger El Hefe Burger by chris The combination of cilantro, red peppers and caramelized onion make this one mean burger. The El Hefe Burger lives up to it's name. Added 4 years ago
  • Sliders with Sweet Hickory Bourbon Sauce Sliders with Sweet Hickory Bourbon Sauce by chris These little burgers may be small, but they pack lots ‘o flava! I made these a while back and my friends loved it. I’ve since perfected the BBQ sauce by adding a shot of bourbon. The combination of... Added 4 years ago
  • Mock Pulled Pork Sandwich Mock Pulled Pork Sandwich by kayleigh.johnston This morning I was brainstorming what I could bring to work for lunch and had a craving for BBQ sauce. No time to cook anything, but checked the pantry for tuna and pulled off a yummy "mock pulled... Added 4 years ago
  • Cuban Black Bean Dip Cuban Black Bean Dip by jessica.shields.524 This was given to me by a friend. I was looking for a bean dip recipe that was a little different than the usual. Added 4 years ago
  • Beef Kabobs Beef Kabobs by chris The kabobs are pretty simple, and are great on the BBQ. You can add whatever vegies tickle your fancy, but for me peppers and onion always go great with steak. If you’re using wooden skures, remember... Added 4 years ago
  • Creamy Refried Bean Dip Creamy Refried Bean Dip by jessica.shields.524 This is a very simple and quick recipe that is great if u need something last minute & kids love it. I love to improvise and u can add easily to this to pep it up. Added 4 years ago
  • Drunken Watermelon Drunken Watermelon by chris What happens when you mix a bottle of vodka and a watermelon? Drunken Watermelon! This is relatively easy to make and will have you walking funny after only a few slices. Added 4 years ago
  • Low Fat Bran Muffins Low Fat Bran Muffins by jenna This recipe uses Kellogg's Raisin Bran. You can add more raisins if "two scoops" just isn't enough :) I sometimes like to add blueberries instead. Added 4 years ago
  • Sidecar Sidecar by jboyed Combine ingredients together with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wedge for added fanciness ;) Added 4 years ago
  • Amaretto Sour Amaretto Sour by jboyed In a cocktail shaker, mix together amaretto and lemon juice with ice. Strain into glass and garnish with orange slice and maraschino cherry. Added 4 years ago
  • Apple Pie Cocktail Apple Pie Cocktail by jenna Combine liquid ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into glass over ice. Garnish with thin slice of apple. Added 4 years ago
  • Bourbon Sour Bourbon Sour by jboyed Combine ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, and pour in glass over ice. Added 4 years ago
  • Tom Collins Tom Collins by jboyed Combine all ingredients, except fruit and sparkling water in a glass filled with ice. Fill with sparkling water and stir gently. Garnish with orange slice and cherry. Added 4 years ago
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