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Canadian Recipes

  • Caesar Caesar by chris This is one of my favourite summer drinks. Learn how to make this classic Canadian cocktail. Added a year ago
  • Maple Mustard Glazed Pork Burgers Maple Mustard Glazed Pork Burgers by elgranto The key to these burgers is the glaze! Sweet mustardy goodness. Pork burgers are juicy and delicious when cooked. Add thick cut bacon and old cheddar for a burger lovers delight. Take it easy on the... Added 5 years ago
  • Sweet Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce Sweet Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce by chris I usually make this as a finishing sauce for burgers. It has a sweet, smooth, woody flavour... mmmm. Added 5 years ago
  • Jack Black Jack Black by elgranto Jack and coke is old news! Try this baby out for a different taste! Added 5 years ago
  • Grilled Tomatoes with Basil Grilled Tomatoes with Basil by jboyed Quick and easy to make. The flavours from the basil and onion give the tomato a great taste. Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies Chocolate Toffee Pecan Cookies by stephanie.eddy.14 My flavor inspiration was Turtles chocolates and I wanted to make a chewy on the outside, fudgy on the inside chocolate cookie studded with toffee and pecan pieces. Added 4 years ago
  • Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Mice Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Mice by anita.archibald.5 These adorable and festive mice will no doubt be the life of the party tray! Delicious to devour and fun to prepare...what's not to like! Your guests will nibble nibble like a mouse until they... Added 4 years ago
  • Coconut Macaroons Coconut Macaroons by nadia.festoso 1. Pre-heat oven to 325 F. 2. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. 3. In a large bowl, combine sugar, coconut, egg whites vanilla and salt using your hands. Mix well, completely... Added 4 years ago
  • Crispy S'mores bars Crispy S'mores bars by nadia.festoso 1. Cream butter, sugar, egg and vanilla in a bowl with a mixer (the mixture will look curdled). 2. Stir in graham cracker crumbs, flour and salt. Reserve 2/3 cup of this mixture for the topping. 3.... Added 4 years ago
  • Smoked Gouda & Caramelized Onion Burger Smoked Gouda & Caramelized Onion Burger by chris Thinly slice half an onion. Saute onion in a pan with olive oil until golden brown and caramelized. Remove onion from pan, setting aside of later. In the same pan, saute mushrooms. In a small bowl,... Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Marble Bark Chocolate Marble Bark by blbetts Melt chocolate pour into wax paper lined dish, droping chocolate in diffrent areas. Run bread knife back and forth, side to side to marble chocolates, then add in nuts and candy. Swipe up and down... Added 4 years ago
  • Vanilla Almond Granola Vanilla Almond Granola by nadia.festoso I am always looking for a healthy version of granola. This recipe is so much healthier than the store bought kind, which usually contains a lot of sugar. I found this recipe on Sally's Baking... Added a year ago
  • Rum Balls Rum Balls by nadia.festoso This is a family favorite that my mom used to make, although she used twice the amount of rum that the recipe called for.......which is why it was the family favorite. The recipe uses a 1/4 cup of... Added a year ago
  • Mock chicken soup Mock chicken soup by redoakley1 Quick and healthy and loved by the kids. Added a year ago
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