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  • Caesar Caesar by chris This is one of my favourite summer drinks. Learn how to make this classic Canadian cocktail. Added a year ago
  • Jack Black Jack Black by elgranto Jack and coke is old news! Try this baby out for a different taste! Added 5 years ago
  • Jager Bomb Jager Bomb by chris 1. Fill a shot glass with Jagermeister. 2. Pour half a can of Red Bull into a highball (tall) glass. Drop shot into glass and drink! Added 5 years ago
  • Rock Star Root Beer Rock Star Root Beer by elgranto This drink has two words to define it. Refreshing and Delicious! Just be careful as these baby's go down quick and pack a punch. Added 5 years ago
  • Tom Collins Tom Collins by elgranto An incredibly refreshing drink. Perfect for summer afternoons on the deck or dock. Goes well with a dark leaf spicy cigar. Added 5 years ago
  • Miami Vice Miami Vice by kristensams This is a drink recipe I brought home from a vacation in Cuba. Its the perfect cold drink for a hot summer day! Added 4 years ago