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  • Caesar Caesar by chris This is one of my favourite summer drinks. Learn how to make this classic Canadian cocktail. Added a year ago
  • Sidecar Sidecar by jboyed Combine ingredients together with ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well, and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wedge for added fanciness ;) Added 4 years ago
  • Easy Sangria Easy Sangria by jenna One of my favourite summer drinks. There's a number of different way to make this. The frozen strawberries/blueberries add a nice colour and will keep the Sangria nice and cool! Added 4 years ago
  • Watermelon Cocktail Watermelon Cocktail by chris Dice watermelon into medium chunks and place into blender. Fill half of blender with water. Add mint, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar (to taste) then blend. Strain liquid into a jug to separate... Added 4 years ago
  • Chocolate Martini Chocolate Martini by jenna My favourite drink when I'm out with the girls. Added 4 years ago